Iraqi Forum for Intellectuals & Academics is created for the national necessities in which it was established for, Two years before its establishment it was only an idea on the mind of its owner, “imagining” that all academic and professional competencies can be organized in an organizational framework for the benefits of homeland and got benefit from the intellectuals that were deported by marginalization, exile, displacement and even killing.
The idea got bigger from its owner, to find faith and echo with others, and it was supported and adopted by the first and nourished by the second and help spreading it between people, and followed its idea by the third, fourth and fifth, until it reached hundreds spreading around the global, they found out that the cure and panacea for Iraq will only be at his inhabitants, and that the intellectuals that were not given the chance to serve it, or occur its crises for the past ten years or more, is now have the chance today that can no longer be post ponded.
This forum is a result of the faith of its founders, who accepted to participate on his first conference, announcing launching it, so that they can have a post and role in the service of Iraq in its historical major crises, wishing that all will understand that these intellectuals that were always known by workplaces and academic establishments and each achieved great accomplishments according to their fields, is the last defensive lines that can be used by Iraq to protect his existence, social, geographical and civilizational entity.
The most important about all that that these intellectuals is working as volunteers and without any grace from any person, and works in a national framework that overcome all of the political, party, religious, racial polarization, therefore, the preparatory committee consists from the beginning to have this forum built on the basis of a comprehensive national Iraqi base, gathering without distinction nor coinsurance or discrimination of any kind.
We hope that this forum, that his historical destiny is to appear in a sophisticated and dangerous stage in the history of Iraq, will be a reason to start a correct beginnings to rebuild country, and the intellectuals that have organized this forum, is exactly whom can play this role and drive it in the future.

General Secretariat
for Iraqi Forum for Intellectuals & Academics